DIY Wakesurf Workshop


Design, Build, & Shred

Shore Boards U is EXCITED to announce we are going to be offering DIY Wakesurf Workshops this Winter! This course will be limited to 5 students per session. This 4-night course is designed to unlock your creativity, and allow for you to build the board of your dreams! Choosing from a mix/match of Cedar & Paulownia woods to create your masterpiece. We even allow for you to provide us with personalized artwork that we can laser into the board! How cool is that? This truly one of a kind workshop allows you to be creative, get in touch with your own consumption of goods, and at the end you walk away with a sweet new whip designed/shaped/personalized by YOU!!

The Coursework

Using Shore Boards’ tried & true techniques we’ll guide you each step of the way which will ensure the final product will be something you’ll be extremely proud of! This 4-night course will take place on Monday & Tuesday nights over 2 consecutive weeks during the Winter Abyss. What else you going to do when it’s -20 degrees outside?? The reason for the production gap is we have some secret sauce that we add to your boards during this down time.. wink, wink..  The class sizes will be small, so there will be plenty of 1-on-1 guidance by our experienced staff if needed.

By the end of the 4-night course you’ll have built your own hollow wood Wakesurf!! Congrats!!


How much do they weigh?


Easy answer: 5-8lbs

Detailed answer: Depending on the woods we use to build it & the size board you choose determines the overall weight.

Examples listed below:

1. All Paulownia (lightweight/light color wood) = In the 5’s

2. All Western Red Cedar = In the 8’s

3. Hybrid (Paulownia & Cedar) = In the 5-6lbs range.

Where is Shore Boards located?

Anoka, MN

How much time is invested in the build?

4 nights, 8 hours total

Can I bring spouse/kid to work on it as a team?

ABSOLUTELY!! More the merrier!!

Please Note: The tuition cost for the course includes the glassing stage which will be performed by the Shore Boards staff. All traction will be provided by Agenda Traction and requires lead time to produce, so you’ll need to provide your color choice upon enrollment. 

2021 DIY Wakesurf Workshop Schedule:

October 25th, 26th, November 1st & 2nd

(Class begins at 6pm each night)

November 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th

(Class begins at 6pm each night)

2022 DIY Wakesurf Workshop Schedule:

January 3rd, 4th, 10th, & 11th

(Class begins at 6pm each night)
If you have any questions please reach out to us directly: [email protected]


If interested in planning a Private Party Wakesurf Build Session we will need the following information emailed to: [email protected]

  1. We need at least 3 students. Email us the names of the students along with their email addresses for correspondence. 
  2. What dates work for you? Keeping in mind we need 4 nights to complete the course (excluding weekends).
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