Premium SUP Accessories

Enhance your paddle boarding experience with premium SUP paddles and accessories. Built with the same dedication as our handcrafted wooden paddle boards, our beautifully designed paddles and accessories are sure to help you enjoying the water in style.

SUP Paddles

Choose from the Shore Boards collection of beautifully crafted paddle board paddles. Designed with the rider in mind, all paddles are made to order and custom built to the rider’s size.

Classic SUP Paddles

Adjustable SUP Paddles

SUP Accessories

The fact that most of the time a board is damaged it is when it’s out of the water is not only alarming, but also totally preventable. Keep your board protected during travel, as well as while being stored in the offseason. These Shore Board SUP bags are classic in design, and allow you to protect your investment while not in use.

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