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Shore Boards has been building Hollow Wood Stand Up Paddleboards since 2013, and in the most recent years we brought on wooden Wakesurf boards & hardwood Longboards (skateboards). The excitement generated at the beginning of each board build is absolutely contagious. It never seems to get old? Maybe it’s because you’re starting on a new adventure where you don’t know exactly how it’s going to end up? Maybe it’s the fact you’re able to release the inner creativity that you may not have known you have in you? Whatever the reason, I can totally understand the recent shift in our business culture.

This past summer I’ve been packing up the Ford F-150, and taking to the road to exhibit at all sorts of business-to-consumer shows. It has been a summer of learning. Finding out what really makes our clientele get jazzed up! The one common denominator with every trade show we’ve embarked upon is people are ready, willing, and able to roll ups their sleeves & get their hands dirty!

The idea of wanting to know where our consumables come from I feel is a recent shift in consumer behavior. People want to know who the maker is, where they made it, and the story behind it. Not only that, but as soon as they find out that they can partake in that same exhilarating production experience it’s a no-brainer! By no means do I think our business is alone in this marketplace trend. In fact, I always tell the story of the time me & my wife (Jen) went out for a little date night action. We booked a class with the fabulous Jill from PIP – Projects in Person in Hopkins, MN. We set out to make a couple signs that would decorate our new home. With Jill’s amazing instruction, and upbeat & fun atmosphere, we achieved this goal within a couple hours. It was a fantastic time!! We could’ve easily gone to Homegoods & purchased similar signs for probably a competitive cost, but we craved the experience!! We wanted to know that we had a stake in the building of this artwork that would grace our walls in our home for years to come.

Our Do-It-Yourself Stand Up Paddleboard, Wakesurf, and Longboard classes trigger that same spark in people’s minds. They could essentially pay the same price, and purchase a board from us, but instead they are emersing themselves in the process, and walking away with a SUP, Wakesurf, or Longboard that they built with their own 2 hands. The decision has been easy for many this summer. DIY is where it’s at.

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DIY Wakesurf WorkshopWakesurf Birds Eye View by Shore Boards