Shore Boards x Nautical Bowls Collab


Collaborations bring growth & new possibilities. In 2020 when the world came to an abrupt halt, and most businesses (including ours) were scrambling to stay afloat, we were approached by an unlikely vendor that would alter the trajectory of our business going forward.

Nautical Bowls, who produces fresh super food bowls here in the Minneapolis area was looking to expand. They were moving spaces at their Minnetonka, MN location & expanding to Eden Prairie, MN. They wanted to get a fresh look in these new spaces, and this is where we came into play. We were commissioned to build some surf tables to add to their already chill ambiance. We were ecstatic to take on this new challenge.

After carefully curating the designs for all the different size surf tables we got to work. It was such a great experience transforming the shop into a tabletop manufacturing space alongside our SUPS, Wakesurfs, and Longboards. We got to see our team take on new challenges, and exceed expectations throughout the process. In a few short weeks we were able to produce all the tabletops needed to satisfy both their Minnetonka & Eden Prairie locations. It was a great success all around.

Fast forward to the end of 2020. We got a call from Bryant & Rachel Amundson, owners of Nautical Bowls, informing us that they’re going to partner up with Peter Taunton (Founder – Snap Fitness) to franchise Nautical Bowls!! They were going to focus on expansion mainly in Minnesota for 2021 with plans to go nationwide in 2022! They were proposing that Shore Boards be their table vendor going forward in their franchising model. I was initially taken back with the sheer numbers they were throwing out for potential locations, but after breaking it all down I knew we’d be able to handle the increased workload.

The first 6 months of 2021 Nautical Bowls was working diligently to get the necessary approvals to move forward with awarding franchises. I’m happy to announce that over these past 2 months Nautical Bowls has officially obtained approval of their FDD (Franchise Disclosure Doc), started awarding franchises, and has broke ground on a couple locations.

Like mentioned earlier. Collaborations bring on growth & new possibilities. This couldn’t be more true when I look at this unusual pairing of businesses, and we couldn’t be more excited as to what the future holds. In the meantime check out Nautical Bowls for a healthy meal on the go!

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