How cool would it be to design your own Longboard?  Well, you can!

We’ll have you choose the layout of the different wood species we use to build them here at Shore Boards (Walnut or Maple), and you can also upload an image if desired to truly make your board a one-of-a-kind ride!

Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in contact to discuss your design.  Simple as that!!

Things to consider when deciding on your custom logo:

  • Any images used in your logo upload can not be trademarked, or require licensing permission for use.
  • We design one-of-a-kind boards, so we do not duplicate past images or logos from past customer’s boards. Your personalization is unique to your board, and we respect that mindset.
  • The personalization area is limited to a 4″ circle.  If you request a larger space than the 4″ diameter we can definitely do that, but there will be additional cost.

Start Dreaming….

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