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Get On Board!

This is truly a one-of-a-kind course that you will not find anywhere else! The workshop focuses on building a wood Stand Up Paddleboard that is not only sustainable, but it’ll be timeless in design, and most importantly built by YOU!! Now you may be thinking to yourself that you need a ton of experience to set foot in this class. Youv’re wrong!! This class is suitable for all experience levels. From beginner to skilled craftsman we walk you through each step, and throughout this week-long workshop you’ll be helping one another along the journey. There are plenty of reasons of why this class may be for you, but whatever your motivation is, know that you’ll be embarking on a journey of creativity that will have you extremely excited for warm weather with a new wood paddleboard built by your own 2 hands!

The Coursework

Using Shore Boards’ tried & true techniques we’ll guide you each step of the way which will ensure the final product will be something you’ll be extremely proud of! The 7-night (consecutive days, Monday – that following Tuesday, excluding weekends) course will be divided up by 3-hour nightly sessions. There will be no more than 3 students per class. This will allow for plenty of 1-on-1 guidance by our experienced staff if needed. The classes are held at our production facility located at 3731 Thurston Ave, Ste 102 in Anoka, MN. 

By the end of the 7-night course you’ll have built your own hollow wood Stand Up Paddleboard that is ready to glass! Congrats!!

Please Note: The tuition cost for the course includes the finishing stage which will be performed by the Shore Boards staff. If you are so inclined to attempt the glassing portion yourself, we will provide you with the materials to do so on your own time. There will be NO partial refunds for students that choose to glass the board themselves.  

2021 DIY SUP Workshop Schedule:

September 20th – September 28th, 2021 – SOLD OUT!!

October 11th – October 19th, 2021 – SOLD OUT!!

November 8th – November 16th, 2021 – 1 Available!!

(Monday – Friday 6-9:00pm, excluding weekends)

December 6th – December 14th, 2021 – SOLD OUT!!

(Monday – Friday 6-9:00pm, excluding weekends)

If you have any questions please reach out to us directly: [email protected]


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