39″ Pintail Explorer – Light39″ Pintail Explorer – Light
39″ Pintail Explorer – Dark39″ Pintail Explorer – Dark
39″ Pintail North – Dark39″ Pintail North – Dark
39″ Pintail North – Light39″ Pintail North – Light
39″ Pintail Vintage – Dark39″ Pintail Vintage – Dark
39″ Pintail Vintage – Light39″ Pintail Vintage – Light
Twin Explorer – DarkTwin Explorer – Dark
Twin Explorer – LightTwin Explorer – Light
Twin North – DarkTwin North – Dark
Twin North – LightTwin North – Light
Twin Vintage – DarkTwin Vintage – Dark
31” Fish – Explorer (Light)
31” Fish – North (Dark)
31” Fish – North (Light)
31” Fish – Vintage (Dark)
31” Fish – Vintage (Light)
Twin Vintage – LightTwin Vintage – Light

Our Classic Longboards offer our timeless designs with performance in mind.  If you’re looking to coast in style, or carve up the streets, our lineup has you covered.  All our Classic Longboards are stocked items. If by chance we are out of stock in a particular design you’re liking we will reach out to give you the estimated time for completion on your order.


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