Woodworking, Therapeutic & Rewarding


Woodworking, stumbled upon a passion. 

A Stand Up Paddleboard building challenge began in 2013 out of my garage, and has since morphed into a full time operation in a facility in Anoka, MN. I get asked quite a bit on how this whole business got started.  My common answer is my wife (Jen) wanted a paddleboard back in 13′ which sprung this machine into motion, and that truly is why it began, but it’s not what has kept the fire lit after the first SUP was built.  It was the passion that grew from making something out of wood with my own 2 hands, and seeing an idea on paper come to life.

Having no woodworking experience in the past, this venture has been a complete 180 from my previous life as a banker.  There is just something about woodworking that really is truly therapeutic.  When I come into the shop every morning I’m energized by the smell of the cedar, and the sight of the SUPs, Wakesurfs, and Longboards that are in process.  It still amazes me every time I teach one of our DIY SUP Workshops that you can take rough sawn wood, and in about a week convert that into a functional heirloom piece that you can enjoy on the water for the rest of your life??

Speaking of the DIY Workshop.  What a gift this has been to me personally.  This business started because of an obsession that grew from my first build, and to be able to share that now passion for woodworking with others is really rewarding.  Being able to meet people with all different backgrounds, and skillsets, it’s truly been a gift given to me.

Thank you to everyone that has supported this passion! Come visit me anytime you want to come build a board!!

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